Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The "Perfect" Believer

I'm not perfect. I don't believe that perfection is possible unless you are Elohim. In fact, I would prefer to think of myself as an imperfect believer than to think of myself as being equal to Him. I make simple mistakes and I give in to temptations much more often than is reasonable for someone who has been following after Yeshua for more than two years now. Sometimes I even give in knowing that what I'm doing is wrong because it is so much easier to chase after the flesh than to follow Him.

But I am confused. I have noticed a lack of humility in some branches of the community of believers. The obvious eagerness to be "right" seems to have clouded the overall vision. More often than not, it seems that believers are eager to point out the speck in another's eye, while avoiding the subject of the beam in their own. For me, this has resulted in the sensation of being cornered or trapped by my own sin while looking around me to see the apparent sinlessness of my sisters in Messiah.

Please don't misunderstand: I want help and need guidance. I'm a young believer and moreover there is no church for my family at the moment (for several reasons I may outline in a future post). I desire the fellowship and the togetherness. 

The truth is that there is no "perfect" believer (regardless of what some say -- and I mean that literally). Romans tells us "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." (3:23 KJV)

It is impossible for us to fully support one another as long as we wear the mantle of perfectionism. So please, let us stop and share with one another our stumblings as well as our successes, so that those of us who are most discouraged can know that we aren't alone.



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  1. Very true! I always cringe when I stumble across someone who thinks they are now living a sinless life. I have been born again for several years and until the day I reach heaven I will always have sin to battle.

    I would sometimes like to ask those people what they think of the verse in 1st John where it says whoever says they have no sin is a liar?

    Blessings on your journey to heaven.