Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Daughter Has a Choice. That Choice is....

Recently I have been exposed to a lot of talk about choices, in particular the fact that women (and girls) must be allowed to make a choice of whether or not to work outside the home or to be home makers (like I am). The feminists who have been raising these arguments make it clear that they believe that it is wrong (I interpret this as "abusive") to raise daughters to be home makers or boys to work outside the home. My understanding is that they feel that if we raise our children with traditional values and an understanding of traditional gender roles, that we are denying them the ultimate choice to take their own path.

Does this remind anybody else about the misperceptions surrounding home schooling?

My daughter will have the same choice that I had when I was growing up: the choice between right and wrong.

I will teach her, yes. I will teach her based on the principles of a life lived by faith. I will teach her by a living example of a mother who keeps the home and loves YHWH through her submission to Him. She will see me reading Scripture, memorizing key passages; she will see me in prayer, worshipping and crying out to Yah; she will see me striving to become a better wife and mother; she will see me submit to her father and honor him; she will see me work at home industry to support her father's efforts. My child(ren) will learn by the example of the parents, who are believers in Yeshua Hamashiach.

I believe in salvation -- in Heaven and Hell as literal places. I believe that the only way for us to receive the gift of salvation is through Yeshua, the Messiah who came to save us from our sins by sacrficing himself in our place. I believe that to forsake Messiah is to choose Hell and eternal separation from our Creator. And I believe that we are called to keep His commandments and to obey Him, because it is in so doing that we show our love for Our Abba.

If I love my children, I must place them on a narrow path. If they stray from it in their adulthood, then I will grieve in the realization that I failed somewhere. To do anything other than to set them on the path of righteousness -- the path to salvation! -- would be abuse. If I believe that anything else is to damn them to a literal Hell, would it not make me a terrible mother if I let them decide their own way when they are too young to truly know better?

So no, I will not encourage any future sons to "play with dolls." I will not teach my daughters that they ought to work outside the home, forsaking marriage and family as it was designed by Adonai. I will not blur the lines of gender, because YHWH is represented distinctly through the differences in men and women. No, I will not tell Elohim that He was wrong when He created my daughters female or my sons male. He does not make mistakes!

Yes, my daughter has a choice, and she will make it when she is old enough to do so. I will not force her to be baptized. I will not force my daughter to wear a covering on her head as I do. I will not "make" her choose the Messianic path, and I will not use coersion. If she wishes to work outside the home and to not have a family, that is her choice. If she wishes to leave her children with their grandparents while she goes to work, I will "babysit" for free.

I will support my daughter, regardless of the decisions that she makes, and I will continue to pray for her that El-Yah will open her eyes to His truth.

It is not wrong for me to do this: It would be wrong for me not to do this. You will not change my mind, or the minds of those like me. You will not convince us to raise our children in a "moderate" environment.

"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." (Revelation 3:16) 


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